Platies are generally hardy freshwater fish. Most reasonable conditions suit them well enough for them to be active and prolific. However, there are certainly things we can do to help them enjoy aquarium life.

While platy fish are okay with bare-bottom tanks, they're adapted to lakes and slow rivers, with a moderate amount of aquatic plants in their environment. Making some effort to mimic natural underwater scenery with help them feel more comfortable (less stressed). If you are allowing or encouraging breeding, providing hiding places will reduce the chances of fry getting eaten.

Like many smaller tropical fish, feeding is best when done frequently and in small quantities. If you must leave your aquarium a few days and don't have a timer or knowledgeable fish-sitter, it's better to miss feeding a couple days than polluting your water with food and fish waste. Platies are omnivorous, benefiting from animal and plant matter. Many flake foods marketed for tropical fish are sufficient for the needs of platy fish.

Using a thermometer is recommended for platies if the environmental temperature isn't consistently warm. While some platy species are more tolerant of cool temperatures, they are most lively when kept at similar temperature to other tropical fish.