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Posted by Amanda H: I had a 2 platys. One’s spine got deformed, her color changed and she lost a bunch of weight. I euthanized her after some comments it may be TB and then found out it might have just been a parasite. The remaining platylooked healthy and I got 3 more platys to keep her company. She’s never really acted right. She was always hiding, not with the others, etc. (the one I posted a video of that is losing color and hanging out on the bottom a lot). Now it appears her spine is starting to deform. After additional google reading plus what I learned when the 1st one died, I want to try to treat it. The internet also mentioned their poop. And there is a TON of poop in the tank. Granted, today is water change day and I have black sand, so it shows up well. But still it seems to be more than I would expect from 4 platys and 3 zebra danios. While this has been going on, my new platys have had fry. I have 1 that is in the main tank that is a little under 1/2 inch long and looks like a tiny fish. I have 2 in a nursery net in the tank that still look like embryos. I would like to keep them since i got all females to prevent a population explosion, so I won’t have the opportunity once they finish with what they had before I bought them. It’s a 55 gallon. I don’t have a quarantine tank and even if I did, apparently this has already been “shared” in the tank so I would think I need to treat them all. Total stock in the tank: 3 zebra danios, 3 “healthy” female adult platy (I think 1 or 2 may be pregnant), 1 “sick adult platy, 1 tiny platy, 2 only a week or so old platy, and 2 zebra nerite snails. How do I treat for a parasite? (pic shows 2 of the healthy, possibly pregnant platy, with sick one on bottom. If you zoom in to the right of the plant, you can see the little baby.

  • For comparison, this is the same platy at the first of August. With her is the first one that got sick and I had to euthanize.
  • I think I’ve had TB slowly moving through my 55 gal for several months, if not a year now. It mainly affects the livebearers in my tank (mollies and platies). Only one fish at a time gets it, and they all get the emaciated look with the curved spine. They still eat and are fairly active until the end so I too thought it could be parasites bit I’ve treated a few times with different medications. Whatever this is still lingers in the tank. I haven’t been able to add any fish at all. I’m just waiting for everyone to pass and then completely sanitize every single component and start over. I was at my wits end over this for a long time. I think there’s a strain of it out there and it’s very common now, as I see a lot of people posting about this mystery illness.
  • Nitrate poisoning can give lack of appetite /weight loss, strained breathing and curved/bent spine.
    Some vitamin deficiencies have curved spine as a result too.But you said you had a lot of poop in the tank. Poop = nitrates, more waterchanges and more plants that’s fast growing will help a long way.But I would be careful and make sure you don’t have any sores or such at your hands when you are doing something with the tank. Fish tb can infect humans too!