Here is how you can become involved. Background The Adopt-a-Fish Program is your chance to get involved in this striped bass study! It is also a way of showing that you care about striped bass and the quality of the habitat they depend upon in the Gulf of Maine. Adopting a fish means that you will buy a tag so that we can increase the number of fish in the study. When the tag you help purchase is implanted into a fish, you get to name that fish. Then, your name, along with your classroom, Read more [...]

Freshwater Aquarium Thermometers Types: One of many vital components to an aquarium and also one of the cheapest components. You can buy a thermometer for as little as $1.50 that will work great, or pay as much as $150.00.  As long as it accurately reads the temperature and is easy for you to read it will work great. Freshwater Aquarium Thermometers Types: Thermometer Description Pros Cons Interior Thermometer Measures the temperature of the water from the inside Read more [...]

Freshwater Aquarium Décor: Many people think décor is simply to make the aquarium look nicer to the viewers.  How it has many more benefits that go beyond beautification such as: Like the substrate, décor provides surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria. Provides hiding places for fish to hide when they are being chased or if they are stressed. Thing you should about décor Aquarium décor can affect the chemistry of your water. If you put in sea shell they can Read more [...]

Canopies and light fixtures: After determining the lighting you need for you aquarium, you can choose your canopy and light fixture. Light Fixtures: It is recommended that you purchase a canopy and a light fixture that are separate.  This provides you with more flexibility if you decide that you want to change your aquarium lighting in the future. If your budget allows, look for a light fixture that accepts two bulbs or a canopy offering the ability to add more light bulbs.  Having multiple Read more [...]