Lifespan of Platy Fish?

Topic: How long will my platy fish live for? What is the lifespan of platies? What is the most common reason they die.. I’ve had a couple die and was wondering if this is normal for these small fish or what is going on.. I want to keep my fish healthy in my 20 gallon aquarium. Need some help. Thank you.


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Megan H: A platy fish will live for 2-3 years in captivity on average. You must know that these smaller fish sometimes die off though because of breeding habitats, anxiety from traveling, water parameters shock, and MORE. Life is hard for these smaller fish that are super popular in pet stores all over the world. It’s easy to get frustrated when you fish dies a couple days after you bought it because you feel like your not doing a good job… but truth be told, sometimes these fish have just been through so much that they just.. die.

When fish get stressed out.. they can die very easily. The life of a fish is sometimes pretty rough. They are bred in large numbers at these breeding sanctuaries and then shipped via mail to the pet stores. Then after that they have to make the travel to your home. That’s three different types of water within a short amount of time.

Just keep at it and remember your giving these fish a good home. Even if a couple die here and there.. just know that it is bound to happen because of the rough journey they have been through. I’m not saying that it’s “ok” that they die.. I’m saying that this is the ugly truth of how this process actually works. You may have better luck buying from a local breeder if you can find one.


Posted by Jenny G: Ok, so a few weeks ago, I introduced a new platy into my tank, at first all was good, but now the orginal platy is constantly following/chasing/nudging the newer one… is this normal?

  • This happens with me and my community tank with whatever fish I add that’s new. It gets picked on for a day. After that nothing and the fish got along great and is still alive!! 4 years. Happened with the last 5 fish I added. Varying in species.
  • Hmm, the newer platy is being constantly nudged/followed around the tank, the original one ignored it for the first few hours after it was initially put into the tank.
  • Hmm, the newer platy is being constantly nudged/followed around the tank, the original one ignored it for the first few hours after it was initially put into the tank.
  • No it seems well enough, I’ve been watching them closely and even my other fish avoid the pair.
  • Ok. Do you know if they are both males of male and female?
  • I never thought of that…. how can you tell the difference?
  • The anal fin will be sharp or blunt and round looking.
  • Word of advice as well. Usually. 2 females and 1 male works out the best.


platy-fish-tank-matesPosted by Grant J: Hey guys I need some advice about my water parameters. I have a 10 gallon with 1 Balloon Bellied Mollie, 1 Sunburst Platy, I had a black Mollie but he died this morning 🙁
The tank has been established for a couple years. I do weekly water changes and gravel cleanings, but the sunburst platy and the black Mollie we just added a few weeks ago. I want to see if maybe my water parameters are off, and if that might be why my mollie died this morning. His body looked fine. The other fish look okay too. Last night the Mollie was acting off, mostly laying on the bottom and looking like death is near.
Going from left to right is my Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, then Ammonia. Advice is greatly appreciated.


Posted by Nick H: Silly question…but do different breeds of Mollies breed together? I got these yellow/black mollies that the guy at the lfs recommended and I love them they add color to my tank and they are fun to watch now that they settled in. I only got 2 females 1 male for now. I would like to add some more mollies and they had a variety at the lfs.

And another question. I have a platy who chases my mollies. If I got a couple more platies would that one quit chasing the mollies so much?

Oh and I had quite the surprise when I was feeding my fish yesterday evening…I saw a teeny tiny black/yellow baby swimming!! I went ahead and caught it and a 2nd one and put them in the breeders box to keep them safe. 😀 I have been watching the two females and neither looked ready to pop so I didnt think there would be any babies yet! Heres a pic of the two babies. 😀 I lost all the babies from my dalmation mollies. 🙁 Hopefully these two will make it!

Thanks in advance!!