Platy Changed to White Color…

Topic: Help? I have an orange adult Platy… This past week his back tailfin has gone from a brilliant orange to a cloudy milky color and the scales on his sides look almost like they are starting to peel? Any diagnosis or advice?


  • Doesn’t look like dropsy… No bloating or funky swimming patern.
  • Photos don’t do it justice his scales are flaking off like our skin when we get a sunburn.
  • Can you get him away from your other fish and do a huge water change? If it looks like he is shedding, then it’s not good. It has to be treated early for him to survive. I know it needs some type of antibiotic, but can’t remember which. Maybe somebody else can help there.
  • Looks like fin rot, look into meds. Water changes could help, but it wont ever grow back.
  • Try ti find some antibacterial meds at a local fish store, water changes according. Dont forget to remove your carbon if your using meds. Its no longer minor or even a moderate case. I wouldnt recommend doing aquarium salt even though some sites may recommend it. Its bacterial
  • Thank you guys… I did a huge water change this morning when I noticed it.. He is in a QT tank now it hasn’t improved at all… Do you think maybe fin rot? Never seen it before to be honest. Their lifespan isn’t that long so you need to have good water.
  • Qt won’t make a bit of difference you still have to treat the main tank for whatever it has.
  • I understand that part… But getting him to a separate tank was also to help him hopefully be less stressed and treat him further then the others would need who don’t show any signs like he does.
  • Thanks… He stopped peeling but in unsure what’s going on still… He swims and eats fine… No bloating… Clear eyes… Just looks awful on his tail and sides.
  • I’m probably wrong but to me it just looks like the other fish beat him up.
  • This platy keeps hanging out at the top. I’ve done 2 water changes in the last 3 days in case it was water quality. I don’t have a test kit (ran out of strips) but all the other fish have been acting fine. Any suggestions on what to do or try until I can get a test kit? Should I do another water change? 37 gallon community tank. Snails, bn pleco, mollies, guppies, platies. And fry. A couple live plants.
  • I do have a 3.5 gallon betta tank with one betta in it if I should quarantine her a little. However I don’t know if he is aggressive.
  • Hard to get pictures of babies! I had a platy,guppy, and Molly all have babies at roughly the same time. I can’t tell which are which tho. Help? I thought the spotted ones were Dalmatians but then I read online guppy fry are often spotted. I have roughly 20 babies.Mollies: Dalmatian mom,black dad
    Guppy: grey boring mom, dad unknown. Fancy tho
    Platy: blue/silver/black mom, orange/black dad