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How It All Started.. My Fishkeeping Story

I had a 2 platys. One’s spine got deformed, her color changed and she lost a bunch of weight. I euthanized her after some comments it may be TB and then found out it might have just been a parasite. The remaining platylooked healthy and I got 3 more platys to keep her company. She’s never really acted right. She was always hiding, not with the others, etc. (the one I posted a video of that is losing color and hanging out on the bottom a lot). Now it appears her spine is starting to deform. After additional google reading plus what I learned when the 1st one died, I want to try to treat it. The internet also mentioned their poop. And there is a TON of poop in the tank. Granted, today is water change day and I have black sand, so it shows up well. But still it seems to be more than I would expect from 4 platys and 3 zebra danios. While this has been going on, my new platys have had fry. I have 1 that is in the main tank that is a little under 1/2 inch long and looks like a tiny fish. I have 2 in a nursery net in the tank that still look like embryos. I would like to keep them since i got all females to prevent a population explosion, so I won’t have the opportunity once they finish with what they had before I bought them. It’s a 55 gallon. I don’t have a quarantine tank and even if I did, apparently this has already been “shared” in the tank so I would think I need to treat them all. Total stock in the tank: 3 zebra danios, 3 “healthy” female adult platy (I think 1 or 2 may be pregnant), 1 “sick adult platy, 1 tiny platy, 2 only a week or so old platy, and 2 zebra nerite snails. How do I treat for a parasite? (pic shows 2 of the healthy, possibly pregnant platy, with sick one on bottom. If you zoom in to the right of the plant, you can see the little baby.)

how often do you feed your betta? How often do you do water changes? Are you suppose to do anything special for the water? I have fish keeping experience but never a beta. Is there anything specific I should know?

The reason I ask – my daughter got a 2.5 gallon betta tank for her birthday (for those of you that are opposed, it’s a huge step up from the half a cup of water the poor thing wasn’t even “swimming” in).

* Directions for the tank say change 25% of the water once a MONTH (oh my gosh). The same brand water sample packet of “betta bowl plus” says 50% weekly (more realistic).
* Betta bowl plus says it contains trace elements specifically formulated for Betta’s. Is this something special required for Betta’s or with the standard water conditioner for aquariums be ok
* directions say to feed a pinch 2-3 times per day. A petco employee told us 2-3 pellets every other day.